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Mayday, Mayday! Man Needs Wife

Man pretended to lose control of a small plane as the lead-in for his proposal



    Mayday, Mayday! Man Needs Wife
    Carlie Kennedy thought it would be a normal flight on a plane with her boyfriend Ryan Thompson piloting.

    Love is in the air over Chicago. Thankfully it didn't land in the lake.

    Ryan Thompson popped the question mid-flight this week in what's being considered an unorthodox proposal.

    Thompson pretended to lose control of the small plane he was flying as his girlfriend, Carlie Kennedy, reached for the emergency landing checklist and found the proposal. He filmed the entire thing and posted it Wednesday on YouTube.

    “I have to tell you, when the plane headed for water, I genuinely did believe it was a true emergency,’’ Kennedy told NBC "Today's" Natalie Morales about the proposal. “I thought in reading through the emergency procedure checklist that our lives were in my hands at that moment. ... Getting to the end of the emergency procedure checklist, then the proposal, it was a swing of emotions like I’ve never experienced before. I’ve never been that happy.’’

    The video, titled "In Descent Proposal," shows the couple taking off in a small private plane flying around the Windy City and taking pictures when the plane begins to shake.

    Thompson tells Kennedy he lost control of the plane and needs her to read the emergency landing procedures. At the end of the procedures it reads "initiate ring engagement procedure." From there, Thompson regains control and proposes to a visibly relieved and euphoric Kennedy, who accepted the proposal.

    So was Kennedy mad over the rouse?

    “Everyone has asked me that question and to be honest, I was never mad,’’ she told Morales, adding she was very excited and happy over her engagement.

    Once the couple landed, they were greeted by friends and family for an impromptu engagement party, according to "Today."

    No word on when the wedding will take place, but Thompson admitted to "Today" he had thought about planning a surprise wedding. But said Kennedy's mom put the big kibosh on the idea.

    No word on when or how the happy couple plans to wed.

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