Encinitas Mar 16

Cardiff Kook Rocks Medical Mask

A famous figure in Encinitas turned heads over the weekend when it was spotted sporting a mask for all to see amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

  • San Diego May 6, 2019

    Magic Love Sex Spell Fraudster Sentenced in San Diego Court

    A man from Argentina convicted in an international extortion scheme against people seeking romance through witchcraft and magic spells was sentenced Monday.

  • Twitter Apr 30, 2019

    Squirrel Scares, Snuggles With MBTA Red Line Riders

    A surprise passenger hitched a ride on a Boston commuter trolley, frightening some people at first, but warming their hearts when it willingly snuggled in a human passenger’s arms. Commuters say a squirrel bounded onto an MBTA Red Line trolley Monday morning at an aboveground stop, prompting some passengers to hop onto their seats.

  • NBC Apr 30, 2019

    Indian Army Claims It Found Yeti Footprints in the Himalayas

    Massive footsteps found in the Himalayas appear to belong to a yeti, the Indian army claimed Monday. NBC News reported that the 32-inch-long footsteps in the snow were found near the base camp of Mount Makalu, the world’s fifth-highest mountain, on April 9. The photographs were taken by the Indian army’s mountaineering team and were pas...
  • Daylight Saving Time Mar 9, 2018

    The History of Daylight Saving Time

    Every spring we set our clocks forward an hour, and every fall we set them back, but why? Before you “spring forward” an hour this weekend, learn the real story behind Daylight Saving Time.

  • weather Jan 4, 2018

    Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pet Owners

    With cold weather hitting many parts of the country, here are some tips to keep your furry little friends safe and happy this winter.

  • Twitter Aug 11, 2017

    Cat Whose Jaunt on Field Inspired St. Louis Cardinals Rally Is Missing

    The Cardinals said Thursday that a fan grabbed the cat after its grounds crew employee put the animal down to receive treatment for scratches and bites.

  • Twitter Aug 10, 2017

    Rally Cat: Feline on Field Sets Up Cardinals’ Grand Slam

    The Cardinals have a friendly feline to thank for their rally against the Royals. With the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth on Tuesday night, the game was delayed for a couple minutes when a small, feisty cat sprinted onto the field at Busch Stadium.

  • food Mar 27, 2017

    Do Cats Actually Love Their Humans?

    Does your little feline friend actually love you, or are they just using you for food? Scientists from Oregon State University isolated 50 cats, depriving them of all stimuli before reintroducing four things: human interaction, food, scent and toys.

  • Nov 22, 2016

    Food4Families: Last Update

    Pat Lawson Muse brings us the last update from the Verizon Center where NBC4’s Food4Families is wrapping up. In the final hours of the community service project, a few special guests from the Washington Wizards dropped by to make donations. To donate to hungry families this Thanksgiving, call 202-885-4949, text NBC4DC to 565-12 or donate on t...
  • Asher Klein Jun 15, 2016

    ‘We Want Our Waters Back’: Flotilla Pushing for UK to Leave EU Prompts Skirmish on the Thames

    The battle over whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union spilled from the airwaves to the River Thames on Wednesday. In one of the more surreal moments in the campaign for the June 23 referendum, fishermen who had organized a flotilla on the London river to protest EU fishing policies shot off water hoses at dinghies full...

  • Vienna Jun 9, 2016

    Austrian Collects 10 Million Beer Bottle Caps

    It takes a lot of beers to collect 10 million bottle caps. But Austria’s Hans Heiland didn’t drink them alone. Heiland says that most of them have come from others, many of them by mail, after his passion for collecting beer bottle caps become known. Heiland, from the town of Ybbs, west of Vienna, started his hobby five years ago.......
  • Jun 3, 2016

    Firefighters to the Rescue for Dog’s ‘Ruff’ Morning

    Firefighters come to the rescue on a daily basis, but the rescue of a dog in Middletown was out of the ordinary.

  • May 13, 2016

    Housebroken Half-Ton Bison for Sale by Texas Owner

    An 8-year-old bison named Bullet has outgrown its Texas home and the owner wants to find a new place for the 1,000-pound pet to roam. The family posted a Craigslist ad listing Bullet as “for sale” for almost $6,000, as long as the new owner will allow the bison to continue interacting with people. Bullet’s owner says the buffalo n...
  • May 12, 2016

    Police Catch Nursery-Rhyming ‘Gingerbread Man’ Suspect

    Sheriff’s deputies say they’ve caught the gingerbread man, a Pittsburgh-area burglary suspect who referred to the nursery rhyme in taunting authorities who couldn’t catch up to him. Police say 25-year-old Heath Emory Miller was trying to hide in the attic of a home where police found him on Wednesday. He is wanted on several warra...
  • China May 11, 2016

    Beware Everest Graffiti Artists, China Is Watching You

    Next time you leave silly messages on the world’s highest mountain, beware: China is watching you. Mountaineering officials have scrubbed graffiti from two granite tablets on the Chinese side of Mount Everest’s northern base camp and plan to name and shame future defilers. State-run mobile news site The Paper reported Wednesday that wor...
  • May 4, 2016

    Lost Alligator Tries to Ring Doorbell at SC Home

    A large alligator crawled to the front door of a home in South Carolina and appeared to ring the doorbell on May 2. “I was out walking the dog and we kind of went around the corner from my daughter’s house [when we saw the alligator],” said Gary Rogers, who began to record video of the startling scene.

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