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WATCH: Burglar Moves Through Serra Mesa Home as Security Cameras Roll

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San Diego police are investigating a series of five burglaries, all in the span of a week, that have woven fear throughout the Serra Mesa neighborhood.

Neighbors think they have the alleged burglar on video, and victims are sharing their video and pictures beyond their niehgborhood.   

“I’m angry. I’m disappointed in humanity,” victim Leisa Wyman said.

Wyman was burglarized May 16 sometime between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The value of the things stolen from her, was not just monetary.

“My wedding ring, my mother’s ring which has my children‘s birth dates on it and stones. My class ring,“ Wyman said.

Video shows the alleged burglar approaching Wyman’s house. She says a neighbor actually saw him on her porch

“According to one of my neighbors, he stood at my door and said hello to her as she walked by,“ Wyman said.

It later shows him leaving the house and getting into this white sedan.

The video didn’t come from Wyman’s camera but instead her next-door neighbor Lisa Herrera’s Ring doorbell. Police told Herrera her video is the clearest, and it could be their best lead.

“Now I feel violated. I don’t like it. This is my neighborhood," Herrera said.

Herrera’s granddaughter was home at the time. She saw the man in the street, but he didn’t come near their home.

“Now that I know he’s broken into other houses, it kind of creeps me out thinking they must be casing the neighborhood and trying to see who is home and not home,” Herrera said.

Wyman isn’t taking any chances on a return visit. She keeps her house locked even when she is home.

Hoping never to be caught off guard again, Lisa purchased three security cameras and placed them outside and inside her house.

“I try to make sure the house is more secure. Every time I leave I think, 'What if somebody comes while I am gone?'" Wyman said.

NBC 7 twice reached out to investigating officers but they did not respond by the time of this report. Residents say the man has not been seen in the neighborhood since the burglaries in  May.

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