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‘Vile and Disrespectful': Man Goes on Hate-Filled Rant After Refusing to Wear Mask At Local Brewery

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The CDC says it’s OK to ditch your face mask. The state of California says to leave it on. Confused? You’re not alone.

The differences between federal and state guidelines has triggered a new layer of confusion and frustration, with many business owners, once again, caught in the middle.

In San Diego County, the public health department is following guidelines set by the state.

“It’s frustrating. It’s been all over the map all year, but we’re going to go by the county guidance because they’re taking into account our local community, and the county guidance is we still need to keep the mask on when we’re not seated at a table,” said Todd Warshaw, founder and CEO of Eppig Brewing.

But on Thursday, employees of Eppig’s Point Loma location found themselves on the wrong end of an angry, hate-filled rant by a customer who refused to wear a mask.

“He let loose with some vile language and a Nazi salute thinking it was an appropriate response, which clearly, is the farthest thing from an appropriate response,” said Warshaw.

Warshaw took to social media with a heartfelt description of what happened.

“Yesterday evening, our team and guests were subject to blatant hatred and hostility,” read the post, which called the person a ‘gentleman,' demonstrating complete disrespect for everyone on the property.

In the post, Warshaw wrote his team is optimistic that case rates will continue to fall and that more guidelines will be relaxed soon.

“Regardless of your vaccination status, wearing a facemask is Eppig policy at this time – indoors and outdoors – unless seated at your table, for everyone’s health and safety,” read the post.

Warshaw is calling for respect, regardless of where you may stand on the issue.

“There is no reason to talk to somebody like that. There’s no reason not to be respectful. Understand we’re all trying to get through this and we’re doing it as safely as we can,” said Warshaw.

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