Verizon iPhone Fever: Hold Your Horses

Taking your time to switch pays off in the end

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There's no rush.  The iPhone won't spoil.  You're friends won't think any less of you.  But people will still be standing in line to get the new Verizon iPhone on Thursday.  That's when AT&T officially loses its exclusive grip on the popular Apple phone.

So why should you be the first on your block to get one?  There really isn't an answer that makes much sense.

When AT&T first introduced its iPhone to long lines, customers were greeted to an information overload.  The system wasn't ready to handle the onslaught of online surfers.  Verizon says it's ready but only time and a boatload of iPhone fanatics will tell.

The phone will look the same but they are not the same.  There are subtle differences.  The Verizon phone won't multi-task the way the AT&T iphone does.  But Verizon is offering unlimited data plans verses the AT&T tiered pricing.

It's not worth dumping your old phone and paying an early termination penalty to switch phones or carriers.  It can cost hundreds of dollars to quit your plan. Patience can save you money. 

And then there's the inevitable upgrade.  Apple often announces an iPhone upgrade in the Summer months.  It might be smart to stick with your old phone until July or August just to see what's in the pipeline for the iPhone.

The question isn't so much why to buy a iPhone (that's simple consumer taste) the question is when.  The smart consumer waits, watches and buys at their convenience... and there's usually not a line to stand in.

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