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iPhone Chubs Up for 1980s Hipster Look



    iPhone Chubs Up for 1980s Hipster Look

    If you're nostalgic for an earlier time when cellphones were so fat that you needed a special holster on you belt, you can recreate that experience by slipping your slim and sexy iPhone into this extra chubby case, according to Dvice.com.

    Anyone old enough to remember the Motorola Brick, knows that this was the must-have gadget of the late 1980s. Since then, cellphones have gotten progressively slimmer, but some people may have fond memories of a time when a cellphone was something you could really grab on to.

    The ArkHippo 1 case from Arkwhat expands the girth of your iPhone to a pocket busting 2 inches, and adds a fake antenna stub for a little old-school flavor. It comes in 7 very groovy colors, and even has a thoughtful little notch for the iPhone's speaker.

    On a more practical level, the ArkHippo should provide excellent protection for your phone with all of that thick spongy padding, while the angled back works as a stand for the phone in either portrait or landscape mode. The chunky back even makes it easy to hold the phone under your cheek freeing up your hand, just like an old home phone handset.

    The ArkHippo 1 is available now for $24