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iPad 2.0 Could Come With a Camera and Without AT&T



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    Would an iPad with a camera fly from the shelves faster than it currently does?

    Apple is trying to get its popular tablet computer in shape for the holidays.

    A new iPad could start being built as soon as February but patent filings are already showing what Apple has in mind for what some are dubbing "iPad 2.0."

    An Apple patent filing revealed Tuesday shows the Cupertino-based company is looking to trim the fat from a device that has few complaints from its die-hard fans other than its weight,  its lack of a camera and its 3G partner.

    To solve the first problem, Apple is looking to build the new iPad's body out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, instead of an aluminum unibody, according to the filing.

    The patent filing also leaves open the option of Apple using Kevlar, Dyneema and Spectra, which are similar fiber-like material.

    As for the camera issue, reports have all but guaranteed that Apple will install 5-megapixel cameras by Omnivision on the new iPad. New cameras, means FaceTime will likely fall onto the next generation Apple tablet as well.

    There are also reports that Apple is working on a global iPad that will include a dual CDMA/GSM chip. The dual chip would also open the iPad up to run organically on Verizon's network.