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Hot Holiday Tech Trend

Hot holiday shopping list includes readers



    Hot Holiday Tech Trend

    When Mark Burgess first brought out his Amazon Kindle it always attracted a crowd, but not anymore.

    "It's become less of a stare point," said Burgess, who says that people are bringing out their own electronic readers now.

    eReader sales are hitting their stride as nearly 6 million have been sold. Sales of readers have nearly tripled in just two years, according to one report. The Kindle may have created a lot of the initial interest, but now Sony's eReader and the Barnes & Noble Nook are attracting their own followers. And there are many other readers on the market.

    Ashlie Little with Best Buy said that people are no longer asking why they need one, now the questions are, "Which one is the easiest to read? Which is the best outside and which is best inside?"

    Hot Holiday Tech Trend

    [DGO] Hot Holiday Tech Trend
    eReaders are hitting their stride as nearly 6 million have been sold.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 29, 2010)

    Prices for the basic readers now run around $150. The Apple iPad also offers reading apps that download books and magazines.

    Students are now looking at eReaders as they search for cheaper ways to download required reading and textbooks. Parents like the idea of buying students eReaders rather than iPads, because they limit what their son or daughter can do with the device.

    "Not do Internet, not do your e-mail," Little said, "which is why it's a kind of a favorite for parents, because they can't play games when they should be reading their schoolbooks."