DUI App Pulled Over

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There are more than 300,000 smart phone apps. But, on Wednesday a leading phone-maker pulled its programs that list DUI checkpoints and other speed traps after lawmakers complained.

Responding to a letter of complaint from four U.S. senators, the makers of Blackberry pulled two applications that warn users when they're approaching a police checkpoint.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving spokesperson Eloisa Orozco said, “We understand their concerns on how these apps can be misused. They could be misused by drunk drivers to evade the DUI checkpoints.”

The GPS-based tools let users report the locations of DUI checkpoints, speed traps and red-light cameras.

Critics believe it's an attempt to regulate apps and that it violates freedom of speech.

One San Diego attorney, Eugene Ellis, said legally all checkpoints must be made public and these apps are doing just that.

“So more people have notice, isn't that great?" said Ellis  who calls himself "Mr. DUI.

"That's what the law says. It says you have the right to have notice. So now you can do it with electronics? Wonderful,” he said.

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