Angry Birds vs. the Steelers?


Love Angry Birds? On Super Bowl Sunday, Rovio, the game's creator, will show a secret embedded code during a 30-second spot for the Fox animated film "Rio."

But make sure you have your Tivo box ready, according to Fox users will have to pause and watch frame-by-frame to get the embedded code, the magazine Advertising Age reports. If you aren't up for the challenge, the commercial will be on You Tube to allow people to grab the code.

The magazine says anyone who completes the secret level will be entered into a special drawing for a trip to Rio de Janiero, Brazil for the movie's premiere.

Of course, most people will just want to play the new game, which launches on Mar 22, the magazine said.

The new game will have 45 levels and Rovio says they will regularly add new levels using app updates.

The game has quietly become an obsession for millions of tablet and smart phone users.

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