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Zuckerberg, Jobs Dueling for Time's Person of the Year



    Zuckerberg, Jobs Dueling for Time's Person of the Year
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    Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are among the finalists in Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

    What do you have to do to become one of Time Magazine's candidates for person of the year?

    Have a major Hollywood hit movie made about your life or be named the CEO of the decade. Oh yea, it doesn't hurt if you have 500 million friends either.

    Bay Area tech moguls Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergwere named as finalists for Time's 2010 person of the year.

    Joining the Apple and Facebook CEOs on the list are the likes of Glenn Beck, Julian Assange, LeBron James, Lady Gaga and ironically "the unemployed American."

    If you believe Time's poll, which is based on user votes, Jobs is about 10 percentage points more interesting than Zuckerberg. But the actual winner is chosen by Time's editors.

    For his part, Jobs is being considered by Time for his "eye-popping, paradigm-shifting" products that refuels the brand's seemingly unstoppable line of highbrow gadgetry.

    In 2010, Jobs introduced the world to the iPad and now tablet computing is expected to more than double Apple's PC market share.

    Zuckerberg has been more than busy himself. But perhaps the most interesting thing about the the past year for the young face of Facebook is the beating his name and public image have taken.

    Facebook drew the ire of users for how well it did -- or did not -- protect user privacy and Zuckerberg himself was not portrayed in the most flattering of lights in a movie depicting his rise to  billions.

    Still, the young billionaire saved some face last week with the announcement that he will donate the majority of his wealth to charity, as part of the initiative being pushed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.