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The New "It" Device in Town



    The New "It" Device in Town

    Move over iPad and iPhone 4G, there's a new “it” device in town. It’s a desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, a portable music player, a camera, a TV and a gaming console all in one.

    Sound familiar? We didn’t think so. Instead of having multiple devices for all the mechanisms that help our daily lives function, imagine having only one that does it all.

    That was the thought process San Diego designer, Barton Smith had when he thought up his adaptive computer system dubbed the “Stream.” However, the device’s smooth, sleek surface resembles elegant satin black river rocks more than a stream of any kind, but we can certainly understand the reasoning behind the name.

    With the Core component comes six Experience modules for media, photos, Internet, documents, creations, games and four Component modules for additional processors, memory, graphics and power. These three essential parts of the Stream use a wireless transmitter to connect them to each other.  Each of the six experience modules are small and compact enough to fit in your pocket when on the go.

    Following? If not, check out the Stream for yourself.