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The End of the Internet Comes Thursday



    The End of the Internet Comes Thursday
    The Internet will come to an end as we know it Thursday.

    Hide! The Internet is ending.

    Not actually the entire thing but at least the numerical addresses that are assigned to computers to connect users to their virtual web destinations.

    The people in charge of the Internet's "phone numbers" tell the Associated Press that the last batch of numbers will be handed out by Thursday.

    After that, the people behind the Internet have to come up with a new system, such as the IPv6 replacement that was proposed a few years ago but was not implemented.

    The possible problems could include slower connections for web servers or choppy performance.

    But experts say the situation is nothing to worry about. This isn't Y2K after all.

    Analysts say a switch to IPv6 could solve the problem. And the Internet is capable of running multiple systems at the same.