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Self Help Web Sites



    PC World is always reviewing the latest free downloads and services but I found something a little different. A collection of the best free websites for self improvement. Let me show you five of them.

    Budget Sketch

    It helps you track where your money will go before you spent it. BudgetSketch is an innovative, intuitive tool consumers are using to gain a handle on where their money will go, not where it has gone. Using a first in class proprietary system, BudgetSketch maps out where your money will go as it comes in, instead of simply showing you where it’s been spent. Isn’t it time to get intentional with your money?

    Daily Burn

    It presents charts and graphs to track your fitness program. Track what you eat with a few clicks, record your workout in minutes and find people to keep you accountable.

    Habit Forge

    Use it to train yourself in new habits with the help of daily reminders. You provide a Goal and Desire. We'll send you a customized daily email asking how you did. You click "yes" or "no" daily. Succeed for 21 days, and the new action will be easier than ever. Skip a day and the clock starts over at day one. Let the network and your friends in on your progress, and you've got a recipe for success.

    Learn 10

    Learn ten new foreign language words every day. A simple & intelligent tool for building vocabulary when learning a language. Users are shown a dynamic list of 10 words from a chosen language pair. Learn10 can be positioned on social network homepages, search engines & blogs, and is available as a Google gadget which can be added to any web page.

    And finally, You Tube EDU

    Get videos from Ivy League lecturers on a variety of topics.