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SXSW Folks Await Broadband Word from DC

FCC will roll out new national broadband plan



    SXSW Folks Await Broadband Word from DC
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    Michelle Rogers uses free Google WiFi while sitting outside of a cafe.

    Many at "South By" Interactive are looking ahead to a big announcement in Washington D.C. this coming week.

    The Federal Communications Commission will roll out a comprehensive "National Broadband Plan" on Tuesday.

    Congress and consumer groups agree that broadband internet access needs to be more widespread in America.

    One analyst speaking at a South by Southwest panel Sunday said about a hundred million Americans are not connected to the Internet, which becomes a bigger problem as more and more economic activity moves online.

    "We actually think that the biggest key here is making broadband more competitive, making the internet more competitive, lowering prices for consumers, making sure that competition leads to better infrastructure," said one SXSW analyst.

    The plan could create a problem for television stations.

    It will likely call for TV to give up reserved frequencies on the airwaves to wireless carriers who need the space for smartphone data networks.

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