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Radiation? There’s an App for That



    Radiation? There’s an App for That

    Why wait months for a real Geiger counter when you can download a fake one to your smart phone and impress all your friends.

    If you’re one of those shoppers who are discouraged with the lack of Geiger counters available online…

    “The backlog is just too great – weeks turning into months,” one store posted on its homepage. “Don’t place any more orders for Geiger Counters unless you are willing to wait months to receive it…”

    …try searching Market on your smart phone. If you have a Droid system, you can download your own personal Geiger Counter in just a few minutes.

    Other than the realistic sounds you’ll hear when you scan yourself or your friends, it’s really not good for keeping you safe.

    “The more you tilt your phone the more it ticks,” according to the app’s designers.

    The application was released in July 2010. An updated version is currently available for free.