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New Technology in City Ambulances

A new gadget transmits on scene data wirelessly



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    A new device, which looks like a smart phone, is going to be installed into ambulances next month to help save lives.

    It’s called “Tap Chart 2.” San Diego Medical Services announced the purchase of 155 of the cardiac monitors as well as the launch of new electronic patient care system.

    The monitor technology is based on "Tap Chart", which came about in 2003 when two San Diego firefighters created the system on a palm pilot. It allowed for crews on location of an accident to input data electronically and then get it to a hospital when they arrived.

    This new version takes that to the next level with features allowing for simultaneous data uploads, wirelessly, helping medical staff back at the hospital prepare for an incoming patient before they get to an emergency room.

    Giving immediate feedback, the monitors will be able to detect cardiovascular rhythms more precisely and help paramedics prevent potential heart attacks, as well as provide feedback on the level CPR used.

    The monitors are going to be put to use alongside new patient records technology that will wirelessly transmit records to hospitals, providing instant updates, unlike in the past, which will save time for both patients and crews on the scene.

    “I think this is going to be an incredible next five to seven or eight years that these monitors will be in service and I look forward to seeing better results”, said Criss Brainard, President of San Diego Medical Service.