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Flirting and Hi-Tech Go Hand-in-Hand

Mobile singles go "Flirtomatic"



    Flirting and Hi-Tech Go Hand-in-Hand
    We met on an app.

    Remember the old days, when you saw someone you liked and you actually went up to them and started a conversation? I'll admit -- it seems like an old school, albeit brave, way to go. Nowadays, just swipe your finger (I know this sounds bad, but stick with me), press a button or two, and you've flirted -- the new, high-tech way.

    Flirtomatic is a San Francisco company that makes meeting websites like and J-Date -- both of which seem ancient by comparison. A new app that lets you flirt on the go, Flirtomatic boasts that it can hook you up in 20 seconds.  Find someone, "like" them, and start a live chat with them via your smartphone.

    But, just like dating sites, something like Flirtomatic will only work if it scales with lots of singles. After all, it's hard to meet your soulmate if there are only a few potential soulmates out there. The company does seem to be catching on quickly, though, claiming two million registered users in a short time.

    The app is available now (for free) on the iPhone, and the Android operating system. CEO Mark Curtis says it's also coming to the Blackberry and Ovi markets soon. The more people flirting, the more chances you have to meet that special someone .. on your phone.

    Which reminds me.  The phone has long been the starting point for people looking to date other people.  We just used to stir up our courage, and call someone up. Now, Flirtomatic lets you look at a profile picture, stir up your courage -- and "like" them. 

    Ah, romance.

    Scott Budman admits, just about everyone he knows under 35 who's recently been hitched met online. He's online at Twitter:  @scottbudman