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MoviePass: Like Netflix for Movie Theaters



    MoviePass: Like Netflix for Movie Theaters
    MoviePass works like Netflix but for people who actually like leaving their couches.

    Now that everybody is used to paying a flat monthly fee to watch as many movies as they want thanks to Netflix, why not move that model to the theaters? That's the idea behind MoviePass.

    For $50 a month, MoviePass lets you see as many movies as you want in theaters (with a $3 surcharge for IMAX or 3D screenings). There's also a "lite" package of 4 movies for $30, for people who aren't crazy and don't see movies more than once a week. It works via a smartphone app that you buy your tickets through.

    It's out in San Fran right now and will roll out to other cities at some point. Although for that pricepoint I'm not sure how many people see enough movies for this to be worth it. Would you pay $50 for all-you-can-eat movies?

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