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New High-Tech $100 Bill Coming Soon

Intricate security designs will amaze trivia buffs



    New High-Tech $100 Bill Coming Soon
    Federal Reserve
    Can you find all the differences in the new $100 bill?

    The Federal Reserve Board released the official redesign of the $100 bill on Wednesday.

    The note has a long list of interactive high tech bells and whistles that will dazzle trivia buffs.

    The new security features are supposed to make it easier to authenticate and more difficult to duplicate.  

    Among them is a blue, 3-D security ribbon down the center of the note. When you move the bill up and down, back and forth you will see ribbon is woven into the paper.

    You can also change the color of the copper bell on the right-front of the note. When you bend it you will see the bell change from golden to green. The effect makes the bell seem to appear and disappear within the inkwell.

    Benjamin Franklin's shoulder also has a security feature. It is rough to the touch thanks to something called "intaglio printing" that raises the paper.

    The back of the bill has a large "100" in gold numbers to help those visual impaired.

    You can see the current $100 to the right.

    The new design for the $100 note was unveiled in 2010, but its introduction was postponed following an unexpected production delay.

    View Interactive Detail of $100

    For those lucky rich enough to have one, the note will begin circulating in October.