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Facebook Quit Day Is May 31

Website taking names of those who pledge to quit the social network



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    The public seems to have mixed feelings on Facebook lately. There are now myriad privacy settings -- choose the wrong ones and you could end up making your statuses or pictures public.

    So what to do if you're fed up? Quit Facebook, of course. At least that's the suggestion of a website called QuitFacebookDay.com. It is urging people fed up with the social networking site to sign their name to a list of folks pledging to quit on May 31, 2010.

    While the site is generating a lot  of interest, there aren't too many people offering to give up their access to tidbits of info from friends and family.  As of this writing, under 3,000 people have committed to quit, just a tiny fraction of the estimatated 300+ million people who are registered with the social networking site.

    The site presents various questions and answers about the process including "Why are we quitting?" (fair choices and best intentions), "What should I know?" (quitting Facebook isn't easy), "What are my options?" (Orkut, anyone?) and "Who set this up?" (@mmilan and @josephdee, two Canadians who apparently have no problem with Twitter).

    Facebook quit day is May 31, 2010. The site can even send you a reminder email so you don't forget to do delete your account as promised. Question is, if you do follow through, how do you announce it to your friends?