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Cops Give Tweeps Props for Fighting Crime



    Cops Give Tweeps Props for Fighting Crime

    Crime rates in the City of San Diego are falling in virtually every category, according to law enforcement officials. Police say the drop is thanks, in part, to the community’s grasp of social media.

    “The community at a moments notice can send a Twitter message telling us what’s going on at a certain location,” said San Diego Police Assistant Chief Boyd Long. “Social media is one of the efforts that we see that drives our crime down.”

    He says the community is more willing to get involved than ever before and technology is a big driver.

    “People have access to information at the tip of their fingers and more importantly they have access to sharing information at a moments notice,” said Long.

    He also says the community also seems to be accepting the fact that police have video cameras throughout the city.

    “I think the community’s more apt than ever before to be a partner with the police department because everyone wants to live in a safe community,” said Long.

    The assistant chief says the department is using social media to help combat gang crime.

    “We use whatever source we can to get information to reduce the violence. Social media is one of them, but I know that technology in the future is going to be even more of an important role in law enforcement,” said Long.

    He also says community involvement is critical.

    “If someone has information related to any of these crimes, please contact the San Diego Police Department or use the Crime Stoppers numbers,” said Long.

    Editor's Note: In a previous version, Assistant Chief Boyd Long was incorrectly identified as a police captain. We regret the error.