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Cell Phones' Calls for Help Are Answered

Yahoo! technology would allow you to customize your cell phone screen



    Cell Phones' Calls for Help Are Answered
    When has your phone ever done as much as you want it to?

    Ever wish you could squeeze more onto your cell phone screen? Yahoo! Mobile is betting there’s always room for more. 

    "What we're trying to do is show people how much of their life they can bring together on the small screen of a cell phone," said Yahoo! Mobile's Adam Taggart. 

    The company is promoting its wireless search page at the CTIA Wireless Show in San Diego. The idea for Yahoo! is not to cram content onto the screen but, rather, to organize what phone users want.

    "You have interests, I have interests -- I'm pretty confidant they're different,” said Taggart, who believes that everyone's phone should reflect the interests of its owner. "So your page is going to look like it should to reflect your interest."

    The latest Yahoo! home page allows users to customize their online content, and the company is now doing the same thing for wireless phones.

    "When you're on the phone, you've got relatively limited real estate ... so you've got to make sure that every pixel there is personally relevant," Taggart said.

    Also at the wireless convention on Tuesday, Qualcomm introduced a personal portable television. In November, the company will start selling a 3.5-inch TV screen carrying its Flo TV programming, which includes up to 20 live and recorded channels featuring everything from news to entertainment.

    The TV will sell for $250 with a monthly service plan.