University of San Diego Basketball Takes on Bol Bol, Son of 7'7 NBA Legend Manute Bol

The University of San Diego men’s basketball team (8-2)  is one win away from the best start in program history, standing in the Toreros way is 7’3 University of Oregon freshman center Bol Bol. USD plays at Oregon Wednesday at 7pm.

When asked about Bol Bol, USD head coach Sam Scholl had high hoops praise, comparing him to 6’9 two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

“The crazy thing is, he’s much more like Kevin Durant than you think.   7‘3 you think center , play inside, but he’s  more like Durant in that he’s  very skilled, he shoots three pointers,  making 50% on three’s.”

Bol Bol is not making 50% on three’s, he shooting 55% from the field and 75% from the free throw line.  Eight games into his college career and Bol Bol is averaging 21 points per game, 9.6 rebounds and 2.5 blocks, and that’s not all he can do.

“He can dribble, he can pass, he’s quite the player,” said Scholl.

Bol Bol is the total package, he’s just a very tall package.

So how is USD going to defend him?

“We’re going to play man, that’s what we do, we have a couple different guys to give him different looks.”

If Bol’s name sounds familiar to basketball fans, that’s because his father was 7’7 Manute Bol, who played 11 NBA seasons .

While Bol Bol gets most of the attention, he’s not the only talented player on the Ducks roster.

Scholl called Oregon as talented as any team we’ve played.

“They’re young, but extremely talented, with dynamic play makers and then guys like Bol Bol that create matchup problems.”

Playing against a projected 7’3 NBA lottery pick, playing on the road against a Pac 12 team, playing on Oregon’s funky “wooded” basketball court covered with painted brown and tan fir trees, these are things that might have phased USD in seasons past, but not now, not when you’re 8-2 and having already beaten and played competitive games against teams similar to the Ducks.

 “I think we’ve moved the development of our program in the direction where this is the kind of game our program should play, it’s a game where our program should compete and have chance to win, we’ve made it past Pac 12 and big arena,” said Scholl.

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