Torrey Pines Star Kevin Sim Stays Ready Amid Uncertainty as MLB Draft Approaches

The San Diego commit is trying not to dwell on the changes to this year's MLB Draft, and how they could impact his future.

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Major League draft hopefuls deal with a bit of limbo every year, that's the nature of the process - especially when you have to choose between pro or college ball. This year the situation is even tougher. Players don’t have a season to keep you busy. On top of that the league is holding a much shorter draft than usual, which means far fewer opportunities to get picked. That's why Torrey Pines star Kevin Sim is spending a lot of his time on the field,. trying not to worry about what the next month holds.

“All this time I have, if I were to think about it more I would just drive myself crazy,” Sim said. “So I just have to keep working.”

That's been the third baseman's routine since his senior year of high school ball got canceled. The Falcons were off to a nice start - winning all seven of the games they played

“Just to think that I'm not gonna be able to step on the field again with those guys is a little sad.”

Before the season ended, Kevin had a batting average over .400 and the attention of big league scouts. The Perfect Game All-American was already on the draft radar, but those lost games meant lost exposure in a year far fewer prospects will get the call.

This year's draft will last just five rounds, instead of the usual 40.

“You know that's a lot of players having to miss opportunities this year, which is a bummer.”

The son of a former pro ballplayer in Korea, Kevin has been looking forward to this for a long time.

“Since I was little my whole dream was to play in the big leagues,” Sim said. “That's something I've worked really hard extremely hard to get to this point.”

He's done his part - but what comes next, is out of his hands. While he hopes a team will put their trust in him enough to select him in the draft, he does have another route he can take. Kevin committed to USD before his sophomore season, and has a great comfort level with the hometown program.

Sim has good options for when the time comes to figure out the next step in his career. For now, he’s finding other ways to stay busy. The talented 18-year-old is working out at home, and spending a few hours on the diamond with his dad and brother - to keep his game sharp.

“I'm just able to prepare my body just in case whenever baseball starts back. Even if it's next week, two weeks, or a month I'll be ready.”

He’ll get some clarity on where it is that he’ll be playing at that time, once the MLB Draft starts June 10th. After the two-day event, teams are allowed to sign an unlimited number of undrafted free agents for $20,000 each.

“There'll probably be some nervousness, a little bit of hope.”

Nerves about the unknown, but not his ability to take it on.

“I think I'll be prepared for whatever comes next.”

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