Surfing the Net Takes on Whole New Meaning

Watching the waves--from your office. If your stuck at the office and can't make it to the beach, this is the second best thing. One Southern California company is giving users exclusive access to local breaks and conditions.

Surfline says that the views of the breaks and conditions through these HD cameras is "nothing short of spectacular". Users are able to see all the detail of the waves and swell coming in, almost like they are standing on the beach themselves.

Some say, however, that these cameras have altered the surf experience. While these cameras may bring more surfers to the shore, their usefulness and time-saving abilities overpower most of the criticism.

Surfline has rolled out a number of high resolution surf cameras, and more will be released throughout the summer. At the beginning of the month, five new cameras were launched at Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Rocky Point in Hawaii, South Ocean Beach in San Francisco and Malibu.

"In March 2009, Surfline introduced the very first live HD Surf Cam from Surfline headquarters in Huntington Beach," said Surfline founder Sean Collins. "The video streaming quality is excellent and viewing the online camera is as if you are actually on location and watching the waves from our office."

Surfline already has more than 100 surf cams set up all over the world. The HD surf cam is available to premium members. To become a member and get access to these crystal-clear views, visit their website,

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