Joe Burrow

NFL Legend Barry Sanders Credits Burrow for Bengals Rise

Sanders said the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback is a key component in their winning formula

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Hall of Fame Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders recently spoke on the Cincinnati Bengals' recent form and acknowledged quarterback Joe Burrow’s contribution.

“I love his attitude,” Sanders said in an interview. “He has the kind of attitude that pretty much says ‘you guys better get used to seeing him here.” 

Sanders was named in the Pro Bowl in every season he played in the NFL and won the MVP trophy in 1997. Despite the accolades, Sanders never had the chance to play in a Super Bowl. 

“It gives someone like myself hope that things can turn around fast,” said Sanders. “You see where this franchise was three or four years ago, and now they’re playing in the Super Bowl.”

The Bengals drafted Burrow in 2020 after a record-breaking season with LSU, where he won the CFB National Championship. Alongside fellow LSU star Ja’marr Chase, Burrow has led a fearsome offense that has given Cincinnati fans something to cheer for.

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