‘Speedboarders' Push Safety's Limits

Skateboarders screaming down local hills at high speeds are in all likelihood breaking the law, according to a local police official, but the "speedboarders" seen on one clip that popped on the Web were on private roads, according to the guy who shot the tape.

Tye Donnelly said he shot the video last Thursday on private closed roads in Vista. He makes long boards and travels around the region taping skaters at high speeds. He's also known for a tape shot last year of a surfer riding the "waves" in the parking structure at Fashion Valley Mall after it was flooded by spring rains.

The extreme skaters seen on the tape -- including Noah Sakimoto, Erik Lundberg, Jeff Budro, Danny Connor and J.M. Duran  -- are shown flying down local twisting roadways at extreme speeds. The men are all members of the Sector 9 team, which is based in San Diego.

"If they're on a street on a skateboard, it's unlawful," said San Diego police spokesman Monica Munoz, who added that "any of that kind of activity -- if it's not committed in an officer's presence, we can't cite them for it."

"There's no traffic on these roads, and the people who live on them -- we've had relationships with them for years," Donnelly said.

The boarders occasionally hits speeds near 60 mph, according to Donnelly, though typical speeds are about 40-50 mph.

Donnelly insists the sport is very safe with the right equipment, but a person trying it without training could be seriously injured, possibly even killed.

The speedboarders seen on the clip are training for International Gravity Sports Association events that began on Saturday in British Columbia in Danger Bay, Donnelly said. Other locations on the tour include Switzerland, Italy, France, South Africa and Brazil.

The San Diego Downhill Racing League has many other videos that can be seen on YouTube. Its next event is June 7 in Oceanside.

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