Olympic Athletes Using GoPro to Evaluate Performance

The road to the Rio Olympics is going to be paved with technology. 

A variety of California-made gadgets and software is being used to help Olympic athletes train, but one of those products is getting more attention than others: The GoPro camera.

The small, wearable piece of tech is making a big difference in how athletes are evaluating their own performances for training purposes.

“Because we measure everything that the athlete does, and [The GoPro] streams it live and records it, we can go back after the fact and tear down the performance, frame by frame by frame,” said Josh Carrasquillo of Coach's Eye. 

So far, the camera has been used in training for BMX competitions, but swimmers are also beginning to sllee the value in recording their every movement. 

“All of these Olympic swimmers that train in the pool, they put in hours and hours of work, and a fraction of a second makes a difference scrubbing frame by frame with a coach’s eye," said David Troup, Xensr's CEO. "That’s what allows them to get better.”

The Olympics will convene in Brazil on Aug. 5. Here's to hoping those athletes post some of the GoPro footage on YouTube for us all to see. 

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