Chargers Game Day Predictions

Who will win the home opener?

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Game day!

Let’s take a look around the country and see what everyone else thinks about the Chargers-Titans match-up today:

Yahoo! Sports: All four picked the Chargers to win.

NBC’s ProFootball Talk: Both reporters picked the Chargers to win. 24-17 and 21-17.

NFL Network: All four reporters picked the Chargers, including San Diego’s own Ladanian Tomlinson.

Now, compared to all these football experts I am aware that my opinion may mean next to nothing but I have been with the team day in and day out this season so that qualifies me to throw my two cents in.

Amanda’s Take: After the Chargers went up to Oakland and essentially steam-rolled the Raiders, they have a lot of confidence. However, the Raiders lost that game for themselves as much the Chargers won it. If San Diego cannot convert in the Red Zone again this week it does not bode well for them.

If the Bolts do win today it will be their first 2-0 start since 2006. That being said, with today being the day that they will retire Junior Seau’s #55 jersey, it might give all the players a little bit of inspiration to play as he did: with passion and holding nothing back. I think the Bolts will win this one.

Amanda’s Pick: Chargers 21, Titans 10.

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