Video: Hockey-playing cow belly slides down arena stairs

The International Ice Hockey Federation world championships in Switzerland feature plenty of NHL star-power. But there is only one true star of this tournament, and he is a hockey-playing cow.

Meet Cooly, the official mascot of the 2009 world championships who is making NHL mascots look as uninspired as animatronic characters on an outdated Disney ride.

When's the last time you saw Carlton the Bear or Harvey the Hound or Stanley C. Panther propel himself down the stairs of the 100 level, Rickey Henderson style?

From worlds:

Boy, that camera angle was a little queasy. Anyhoo, Cooly is pretty much dominating the tournament like the love child of Ovechkin and Getzlaf (and what a lovely child that would be). See Cooly grooving with the cheerleaders. See Cooly rock out to a Beastie Boys remix.  See Cooly do the worm.

We'd like to roll down a big hill with Cooly. We'd like to play beer pong with Cooly. Most of all, we want to find a way to get Cooly to the NHL to show the Sabrestooths and Fin the Whales how it's done. And to battle Kyle Wellwood(notes) for the title of best hockey-playing cow.

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