Video: Dennis Hull at the Don Cherry Roast

While his brother Bobby and nephew Brett are known as the outspoken members of the Hull family, Dennis was the comedian. A five-time All-Star, Dennis has a pretty decent career in his 14 years in the National Hockey League, compiling 303 goals and 654 points while playing alongside Bobby for eight of those seasons.

Today, Hull is a celebrity emcee and traveling to various banquets and events doing speaking engagements. Thanks to the glory that is YouTube, his three and a half minute routine during the CBC's "Don Cherry Celebrity Roast" has been preserved for our enjoyment.

A couple of observations:

-Is Ron McLean Canada's version of Dick Clark? Despite the hair gaining a bit of white, the man's look doesn't change over time.

-Laughing at your own jokes? I'd expect more out of a professional comedian, sir. Though nothing beats self-deprecating humor.

-There's no reason these hockey roasts couldn't be held today. How large of a rating do you think the "Gary Bettman Celebrity Roast" featuring Sean Avery and Paul Kelly would get? What about one for Kevin Lowe with Brian Burke as master of ceremonies?

For our friends north of the border, did CBC produce any other roasts for hockey players or personalities since the early '90's?

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