The bullying of Rangers' Aaron Voros continues

Admit it: Back in October when Aaron Voros started out the season like a bat out of hell and put up seven points in the first five games of the year, you scoured your fantasy league's waiver wire and scooped him up thinking you were the next coming of Ken Holland.

Don't worry, I did the same thing. But after Voros went seven games without a point, I decided to sell high and flip him for Shane Doan. Safe to say, the move paid off as the New York Rangers forward has scored three times since that monumental fantasy deal on Nov. 7, and hasn't tallied since Nov. 28. Ouch.

Yesterday, Rangers fan Scotty Hockey noticed how invisible Voros has been and started out a blog post with, "If Aaron Voros hadn't given enough proof that he is useless on the ice in recent months...."

Scotty was referencing the Rangers 2-1 loss to the St. Louis Blues on Monday night, where Colton Orr's run at Blues rookie Tyson Strachan did not sit well with Cam Janssen. The Blues tough guy saw a line being crossed and decided to play, in the words of Dwight K. Schrute, "tit-for-tit" and went after Voros.

Janssen purposely sought out Voros basically because he knew he would be victorious and be able to swing the momentum of the game in front of the home fans:

"Any time you can get the crowd going, it's great," Janssen said. "The boys responded well. That's why I love playing here. Any time I fight, the guys respond."

As you saw in the 56-punch bout, Janssen was feeding Voros some fist on a consistent basis and the only thing the slumping Ranger could do was test the toughness of Janssen's shoulder pads.

No goals since November. Being picked on by goaltenders. And now, purposely sought out by goons as if he's the Brooklyn Brawler. What else can go wrong for Aaron Voros this season?

Hmm, maybe being replaced by the guy he was supposed to be replacing.

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