Reminder: Puck Daddy hockey rumors live chat ahoy!

At 1 p.m. EST today, we're going to have our weekly rumors, scuttlebutt and innuendo chat this a bit of additional focus on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

A 3-1 win over the Atlanta Thrashers isn't a cure-all, even if it did provide the world with one of the most awkward fan goal-celebration smooches in recent memory (via Pensblog). The Penguins remain a fascinating mess, and everyone thinks they know the right ways to fix them. Joe Starkey of the Tribune-Review, for example, thinks firing coach Michel Therrien would be a rather misguided decision:

Questions about Therrien's job security have arisen for good reason and won't go away just because the Penguins beat the sad-sack Atlanta Thrashers on Tuesday.

Just know this: The team's problems are more about player performance and player personnel than coaching.

Therrien's not blameless, mind you. But he shouldn't be made the scapegoat.

We'll discuss Therrien's job, Jordan Staal, Ryan Whitney, Sidney Crosby's wing and plenty of other Pens-related topics in the Puck Daddy hockey rumors live chat today ... along with discussions about the Minnesota Wild, the Ottawa Senators and the usual suspects.

Join myself, Lyle "Spector" Richardson of Fox Sports and David "Dave" Pagnotta of The Fourth Period at 1 p.m. on the main Puck Daddy page for all the fun.

In the meantime: How would you improve the Penguins?

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