Puck Headlines: Saving Coyotes; Bruins ready for ‘loudest' arena?

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Say, did ya hear the Phoenix Coyotes went Chapter 11? We'll have more down in the headlines, but three links up front, starting with Gary Bettman making it personal: "This is not about whether we want a franchise in southern Ontario ... This is not about whether Mr. Balsillie would make a suitable owner and one the league would approve." [WSJ]

• Meanwhile, Phoenix Coyotes Captain Shane Doan(notes) says his teammates are confused about what's really happening; and that while tough to deal with, relocation would be "part of hockey." [CBC]

• Five For Howling, a 'Yotes blog, is attempting to organize outraged fans in an attempt to keep the franchise in Phoenix. Best of luck. If all else fails, you guys can just be like those Whalers fans that still rock ill-fitting sweaters at annual conventions. [Five For Howling]

• Speaking of the Whale, former Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Aaron Ward(notes) says that his Boston Bruins are entering "probably the loudest" arena in the NHL when they hit the RBC Center for Game 3: "They cheer like they're at a basketball game." So, what, they don't pay attention for 75 percent of the game and need constant music to keep them entertained? Then again, guess he didn't say "NBA fan." [Boston Globe]

• Did Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz miss a memo? "A lot of people don't even realize that Versus exists ...You just have to grin and bear it. It's a league-mandated decision." Testify! [Chicago Tribune]

• Speaking of candid owners, Washington Capitals boss Ted Leonsis on Alexander Ovechkin(notes) vs. Sidney Crosby(notes): "Sid is the best white wine the restaurant has to offer. Alex is a Denver Slammer, a shot of tequila in a glass of champagne. You whack the glass so that the fizz is coming up and you just shoot it." For the record, a Web search turned up no recipes for a "Denver Slammer," although it does appear to be some sort of pancake at Denny's. [Washington Post]

• You could do this list for any sports town and it would be awesome: Name the top 10 most instantly recognizable athletes in Philadelphia right now. And the real challenge, as it was here, was how many hockey players legitimately could make the list. There's no way Jamie Moyer is more recognizable than Scott Hartnell(notes). None. [Philly.com]

• Agent for Marty Biron says he's not upset that the Philadelphia Flyers are in talks with Ray Emery(notes); stops short of saying, "C'mon, it's Ray Emery." [Inquirer]

• New blog from Dan Boyle(notes) of the San Jose Sharks. [Boyle]

• Was Joel Quenneville sending Patrick Kane(notes) a message in last night's Chicago Blackhawks loss that dumb penalties are a no-no? [Daily Herald]

• Really terrific piece by Seth from Empty Netters about the Pittsburgh Penguins' ice time that shows Evgeni Malkin's(notes) playing time decreasing from last postseason: "It's kind of surprising/disappointing that Malkin's playing time would go down. Considering the losses of Hossa and Malone, you'd think someone like say.... the Art Ross Trophy winner would help Crosby pick up the slack."  [Empty Netters]

• Sidney gets Malkin's back after another round of "he's been invisible" from the media: "If (Malkin) puts one in (Monday), no one's talking about him." [Sun Media]

• Japers thinks the Capitals need to step up their five-on-five play, which the Penguins have carried at times in this series. And he has the numbers to prove it. Smarty pants. [JP]

• Facing declining attendance and some taxes they owe, Oren Koules and Len Barrie are looking for additional investors in the Tampa Bay Lightning. [Tampa Tribune]

• Thus restarts the Coyotes links: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper supports putting a team in Southern Ontario. [CP]

• Mirtle has a great rundown of the Coyotes bankruptcy and the NHL's potential fight to get its seed money back if Balsillie takes the team. [From the Rink]

• Kukla may have found a rather hilarious bit of potential misinformation from the publisher of Sports Business Journal regarding Balsillie's overtures to Wayne Gretzky. [KK]

• As usual, Steven Ovadia makes a great big-picture point: "Bettman needs to get his owners under control. This is the playoffs. This is the NHL's golden time of year. And instead of talking about quick whistles and stellar goaltending, people are talking about the financial solvency of some franchises and of the league as a whole." [Puck Update]

• Is there any chance that this relocation can be expedited for next season? [OFB]

• Finally, a conversation between Gary Bettman and referee Brad Watson that was somehow caught on tape, in which they discuss fixing games against the Detroit Red Wings. This is exactly how Jim Henson got started. (Slightly PG-13 language.)

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