Puck Headlines: One step closer to trio of first-round sweeps?

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Preview: Washington Capitals at New York Rangers (7 p.m. EST; TV: VS., TSN). Rangers lead, 2-0.

Keys for New York: Avoid overconfidence at all costs, despite being treated as conquering heroes after going up 2-0. That means the continued defensive commitment on neutralizing Mike Green, minimizing Alexander Ovechkin and shutting down the Capitals' potent power play.

Keys for Washington: As long as starter Simeon Varlamov plays as well as he did in Game 2, the Capitals can focus on the prime directive: Get to the net for Henrik Lundqvist rebounds (they're there for the taking) and draw a penalty if they can't get there.

Preview: Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens (7 p.m. EST; TV: NESN, CBC, RDS). Bruins lead, 2-0.

Keys for Boston: To maintain their intensity level from the first two games without Milan Lucic (or, in the eyes of one Habs blog, the new Bertuzzi) in the lineup due to suspension. Continue to stay out of the penalty box while playing strong defensively.

Keys for Montreal: That whole staying out of the penalty box thing? Ditto and double that for the Habs. It also doesn't matter who plays between the pipes if the system in front of them is solid. Ride the home crowd's enthusiasm; and for the love of Beliveau, find another offensive leader besides Alexei Kovalev in the series.

Preview: Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames (9:30 p.m. EST; TV: TSN, VS). Blackhawks lead, 2-0.

Keys for Chicago: Patrick Kane's injuries, which could keep him out of the game, reinforce the need for continued balance in the offense. Jonathan Toews and Martin Havlat have the headlines, but nine different Blackhawks have points in the series.

Keys for Calgary: Hope that Coach Mike Keenan's reconfigured lines generate more than two goals in a game. Then again, as Kent W. opined, "if a contingent in the dressing [room] is working on getting Keenan ousted, this would be an ideal game to throw... "

Meanwhile ...

• John Tavares is now the No. 3-rated prospect in the upcoming draft. [Newsday and Avs Talk]

Vancouver Canucks Coach Alain Vigneault is being coy about Mats Sundin's injury, marking the 10,000th time in the last calendar year that the media was being fed vague information about Mats Sundin. [Nucks Misconduct]

• The Five Things to Expect from the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason. Emasculating Justin Pogge isn't on the list. Must just be assumed at this point. [Bleacher Report]

• The Onion: "Bloodstained Gary Bettman: 'I Have Taken The Necessary Measures To Ensure A Crosby-Ovechkin Final'" [The Onion, H/T to Puck Buddy James]

• Drew Remenda tries to get San Jose Sharks fans off the ledge and back on the bandwagon. Booze would help. [Seagate Broadcasters]

• The NHL will begin announcing award finalists this week. Adjust your outrage accordingly. [NHL]

• Brent Sutter refuses to be satisfied with the New Jersey Devils' 2-1 series lead: "What we've done is we've gotten two wins and the team we're playing has one." And if you've seen the guy, you know the only thing that will satisfy him is Frodo's ring. [Fire & Ice]

• Mirtle spells out the doomsday scenario for the Phoenix Coyotes, as the Globe & Mail has continued its multi-part series on low-hanging U.S. franchise fruit that can be picked and moved to Canada. [From The Rink]

• Finally, via Mondesi's House, a revival of "Ya Flyer Scum" by ESPN 1250's Scott Paulsen, in light of this morning's Flyers playoff fight song:

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