Puck Headlines: Brian Burke's ideas don't go over too well at the GM's meetings

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Nobody liked Brian Burke's ideas during the GM meetings this week. Sadly, no one was against fighting, so Burke (or is it "Burkie"?) couldn't channel his inner angry Irishman. (Faceoff.com via Toronto Star)

Richard Zednik and the Florida Panthers return to Buffalo tonight, a little over a year removed from the nasty skate incident that severed his carotid artery. (Miami Herald)

Could Brian Pothier's possible return to the Capitals blue line be the reason why general manager George McPhee stood pat on deadline day? (Japers')

Puck Daddy's favorite homer announcer, Boston's Jack Edwards, calls out Columbus' Kristian Huselius for diving in a very entertaining rant. (NESN)

Chicago has announced that they will be freezing ticket prices for next season. (Blackhawks)

Brent Sutter refutes rumors that homesickness will cause him to walk away from his three-year contract with the Devils. (Star-Ledger)

Why Colorado should dump Tony Granato yet again. (Mile High Hockey)

Pierre LeBrun breaks down the top teams in each conference with the best chance of taking home Lord Stanley's Cup. (ESPN)

Are you a budding stat-geek? Apparently something called a "Corsi Number" is all the rage. (Cycle Like the Sedins)

A thank you letter to Chicago's Kris Versteeg after his shootout winner last night. (Commit 2 the Indian)

Don Waddell gets the vote of confidence from Thrashers owner Bruce Levenson: "I never play that game. Every GM and every coach in professional sports is on a day-to-day contract. But I have a lot of respect for Don. We have a great working relationship. I'm very excited about the prospects for a young team that has gotten even younger in the past couple of weeks." Wait, so did they sign Benjamin Button last week? (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Four nifty suggestions on how Detroit can be prepared come playoff time. Suggestion number one: stop allowing eight goals a game. (Sporting News)

Miro Satan's agent says the winger hopes to return to the Penguins this season. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Satan's expiration date is typically December 1. (Tribune-Review)

Carrot Top or Scott Hartnell front row at a Philadelphia 76er's game. (Broadstreet Hockey)

Frank D. continues his "Evgeni Malkin Learns English" project. That's one thing I like about Malkin, he doesn't get too wordy. As a matter of fact, he cuts out words and gets right to the point. (PensBurgh)

Finally, here's your NBC promo for this Sunday's Flyers-Rangers tilt:

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