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If you're the Detroit Red Wings, why even bother playing Game 6 tonight in Pittsburgh? The Pittsburgh Penguins have it in the bag ... because the fake dinosaur has the toy octopus in its mouth again.

As we reported last night, Creation Rex -- the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's dinosaur statue -- had a plush octopus in its jaws when the Penguins swept Games 3 and 4 at Mellon. Someone swiped the octopus before Game 5 in Detroit and ... well, we all know how that turned out.

On his blog today (uh-huh), Creation Rex reveals through prose and pictures that he in fact has a new toy cephalopod in his mouth prior to Game 6. So unless what we can only assume is a cadre of armed guards outside of the Institute don't perform their duties, the mojo will be back with the Penguins tonight.

Or the Detroit Red Wings are your 2009 Stanley Cup champions. One of the two.

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