Prepare for geek overload: Blades of Steel arcade game on eBay

The dedicated readers of Puck Daddy know we have a slight fascination with hockey video games, both old and new school. Well, it doesn't get more blissfully old school than this: There is an original 1987 Blades of Steel coin-operated arcade game available on eBay for $595*.

Honestly, we only knew the Konami classic from its Nintendo Entertainment System days; with the "hit the pass/it's a pass/with the pass" and the awful team colors and the general awesomeness of a player who loses a brawl being the one who gets the penalty.

Never saw Blades of Steel in the arcade, though.** Now we find out that not only was there a coin-op version, but one with a "Centipede"-like track ball and a giant red, candy-like button with the word "FIGHT" on it.

It's like discovering a lost prequel to "The Big Lebowski."

The seller is requesting that the buyer be able to pick up the game in Northern Virginia; but the auction ends on April 14, which should give puckhead gamers ample time to organize a pilgrimage. It's Blades ... it's worth it.

* Despite appearing in the photo, pot leaf floor mat is sadly not included.
** It's no NHL Open Ice in that regard. Then again, NHL Open Ice didn't have what appears to be infomercial star Billy Mays fighting on its side panel like Blades does.

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