Create-a-Card Gallery 4: Deadline is here, the entries get weird

It's safe to say these are the two extremes for Alexander Ovechkin entries in the Puck Daddy Create-a-Card Contest: One depicting him as a Master Jedi whose self-sacrifice would eventually help save the galaxy; and the other depicting him as an Olympic non-medalist. Oh dear. PD reader Jim DeRocker created Ovi-Wan; "Walter Sobchak" made the other one, and we assume it was created on a day other than Shabbos.

As some of you are aware, today is the deadline for the contest. But if you finish reading this post within the next five minutes, we'll accept entries until 3 p.m. EST today.

The rules of the contest, once more with feeling: Original Photoshops and artwork creations only, and we'll publish as many entries many as we can. The Yahoo! Sports rules of profanity and PG-13 content apply. E-mail contest entries to Judges are Wyshynski, Leahy and a handle of Grey Goose. Enter as many times as you'd like.

Now, it's time for Gallery Four of the Create-a-Card contest. Somebody please warn Chris Chelios, Craig Anderson, Roman Hamrlik and Chris Osgood what's about to happen ...

In case you missed them, Gallery One is here; you can find Gallery Two here; and the joys of Gallery Three are here.

Naturally, this card is posted the day after Ozzie posts a respectable effort for the Detroit Red Wings. Our only gripe with this card: The cheese should be flipped, so there's a Swiss five-hole. But that's a quibble; good job, PD reader Steven Rockarts.

Keeping with the Wings, we've received a slew of Chris Chelios-is-ancient cards. These two stood out pretty well: Stephen Pavlik's "Futurama"-inspired effort, and the Chris Marron "game-used loincloth" card, which we imagine comes from the Ice Age.

So simply, so easy, and so brutal. Our old friend from the Deadspin days, Dany Heatley Speedwagon of Scarlett Ice, provides this Bryan McCabe tribute, which may in fact be a Derian Hatcher error card.

Puck Daddy reader Sam Awwad entered this incredible take on Sean Avery, right down to the uniform number on the jacket. Taken moments before Brad Pitt told him we're all monkeys.

We love a good Craig Anderson leering at Ice Girls joke almost as much as we love a goof on the awful Versus "Show Us Your ‘V'" campaign. So this entry by Puck Daddy reader Arian is like a peanut butter and crack sandwich.

Now, we haven't gotten many celebrity look-a-like attempts; but if we did, they'd have to be pretty friggin' good to top this Patrick Marleau card by PD reader Jon Wold. Now, if only someone could Photoshop Marleau and Catherine O'Hara at a dog show ...

Again, we appreciate the creativity behind some of these. A Jim Balsillie card is one level of ingenuity; the presentation by PD reader Eric Shannon is quite good as well. Wish there could have been a Nashville Predators logo or sweater or player somewhere in there.

Martin Brodeur is fat, variation No. 10,431. This one is pretty darn good, created by PD reader Journeyman, considering that Brodeur seems complete entranced by the jumbo burger in front of him. Always err on the side of realism. 

We saved this one for last because, quite frankly, we imagine there's going to be a groundswell of support for this Roman Hamrlik card to win the competition. This is another effort by the MVP of this contest, Mazarin, who previously sent in the Toews beer-bong card and the "Slit Malarchuk" card. Incredible. 

We're going to probably have one more Create-a-Card Gallery early next week before closing out the contest with the big winners by the end of the week. Thanks again to all of you who've entered. It's been epic.

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