Contest Gallery: The further adventures of Gloating Bruins Fan

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Gloating Bruins Fan, the Boston Bruins fanatic that cameras captured during Game 5 as the embodiment of Beantown's defiant swagger even in the face of potential elimination.

Since then, GBF has achieved Internet celebrity via an impromptu Reader Contest, for which readers dug through their photo and film collections to spot GBF and his rally rag of fury at other events throughout history. Like Puck Buddy Daniel Cicirelli, who found him rallying KISS during their KISS Alive reunion tour in '96. Lick it up, indeed.

We've heard from a few folks claiming to know GBF; that his name may or may not be Ryan, that he may or may not be from Weymouth and that, according to one alleged associate, "If nothing else, the article is, was, and has-been a ridiculous, and hilarious success among us and all who know GBF." Well that's nice to know.

We press onward. You can download a larger file of the photo here. Please to be emailing your entries to no later than noon EST on Friday, May 15. As usual, multiple entries are encouraged, creativity is cherished and humor usually wins. And said winner receives a Cam Neely tribute "Sea Bass" T-shirt from our friends at Orland Kurtenblog and the Kurtentees Store.

If you're up to it GBF, hit us on email to say hey. We come not to bury you but to praise your ability to contort your face into a demonic visage to scare the beejeepers out of the Carolina Hurricanes. Them's Bible Belt boys, you know (assuming Canada and parts of Russia and Finland have a Bible Belt).

And yeah, we'd also like to know what you were thinking when you realized your tongue was frozen to that pole back around Christmas time. Besides "Stuuuuuuck! Stuuuuuuck!" (Thanks to Tony V. for the image.)

In anticipation of tonight's Game 7 between the Canes and the B's, we provide photographic proof that Gloating Bruins Fan has been in more pressure-filled situations during his Gumpian existence.

And here ... we ... go.

If nothing else, Gloating Bruins Fan has learned first hand how quickly ecstasy can turn to agony in a Game 7. Witness his buoyant rallying of Tim Wakefield back in the 2003 ALCS before Aaron Boone's walk-off home run for the New York Yankees. The lesson is learned: No player, no matter how utterly pedestrian, can be taken for granted. Oh, and never trust a knuckleballer. Ever. (Thanks to 4th Line Productions for the image.)

Of course, in the event one does lose a Game 7, even the most Gloating Bruins Fan needs a support system. Because making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries ... come to think of it, that sure would help a lot. (B.D. Gallof with the images, ladies and gents.)


Granted, wherever GBF goes in Boston, he's never going to have to pay for a beer. Not after winning the Stanley Cup for the Bruins back in 1970.

Although wearing a T-shirt to games that bears an image of his goal sort of seems a little egotistical now, doesn't it? Like Cal Ripken walking around in an Iron Man shirt. (We received a few variations on this theme, but Islanders Outsider was one of the first and best.)

And not after knocking out Sonny Liston. "I am the greatest! Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!" (Pat M. with the great image.)

But more than for his athletic exploits, GBF is known more for his Gloating Fanaticism. Like when he told all the other runners to "bite it" as they crossed the finish line behind Roger Bannister when he posted a sub-four minute mile. (Puck Buddy Al J. with the image.)

Or, in a more modern example, when he was pelted with a water bottle hurled by soon-to-be-suspended coach John Tortorella of the New York Rangers.

Glen Sather would eventually write a letter to Commissioner Gary Bettman claiming that GBF started it all by openly questioning "whether Dan Girardi and Marc Staal(notes) have a sexual relationship."

The commissioner ignored the accusation, as it would be the first time in recorded history that a fan from Boston used sexual preference to mock an opponent. (V. Mazz, killing it with this image.)

GBF was so outraged over the Tortorella incident that he briefly flirted with Washington Capitals fandom, "rocking the red" at Mellon Arena during their series against the Penguins and replacing his signature Bobby Orr shirt with a "Sidney's Diving School" one. He would later apologize to the Bruins for his traitorous ways, claiming a sudden bout of Milan Jurcina(notes) nostalgia was its cause. (Daniel F. with the image.)

Desperate to increase middling ratings, NBC hired Gloating Bruins Fan to inject some life into its between periods snooze-fest. Unfortunately, his intense loyalty to Bruins homer Mike Milbury saw GBF mocking Pierre McGuire for seven straight minutes until McGuire sulked and tucked his head back inside of his shell. (Daniel F. again with the image. Genius.)

His NBC appearance made Hollywood aware of GBF, as J.J. Abrams briefly added him to the cast of "Lost" as "Neely," a castaway whose sole purpose was to try and signal passing planes with a yellow rally rag. (The mysterious Ryan G. with the image.)

A huge Danny Gokey supporter, Gloating Bruins Fan expressed his outrage over (spoiler!) the Goke getting voted off of "American Idol." Simon found GBF to be a little pitchy.

GBF also began getting some commercial work. "Waaaaaaaaaz uuuuuuuup!"

(Puck Daddy is proud to have made the first comedic reference to the Budweiser "True" campaign since at least the lockout. Thanks to Puck Buddy Dennis R. for the image.)

But in the end, it's GBF's contributions to history that endear him to us all. Like being one of the most ardent supporters at the Salem Witch Trials. "Yeah! She sinks! She's a witch! And Montreal sucks!"

(Puck Buddy Josh W. with a strong contender.)

And finally ...

Worlds are colliding here on Puck Daddy in an unforeseen way. (Jon Bowman with what's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.)

Thanks to everyone that has contributed thus far. We'll have all the entries in a Flickr gallery later.

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