Contest Gallery: Great moments in gloating Bruins fan history

In yesterday's early edition of Puck Headlines, we published the image above from Game 5 between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes and asked the readership:

You know those Photoshop memes that take an individual image and then place that image in different goofy situations and locations? Yeah, we'd be honored if someone did that with this gloating Boston Bruins fan; because we're in awe and a little scared, you know?

Eh, we figured two or three entries would roll in. Lesson learned: Never underestimate the Puck Buddies, as your passion for art has already given the world the Gary Bettman Portraits of Heroism and Create-A-Card galleries. (In honor of the opening of "Star Trek," a Create-a-Card ... uh, classic from Will C.)

Close to three dozen entries poured in yesterday, enough to convince us to make this a formal contest, albeit a hasty and truncated one. The aim, as stated above: Please place gloating Bruins fan into any and all appropriate scenes, moments and historic images. We initially put the emphasis on Boston sports; and then we started getting about five Boston Tea Party 'Shops every hour and one from "The Boondock Saints." (What, no "The Departed?") So really, anything goes as long as we're celebrating this young man's enthusiasm on the positive tip.

You can download a larger file of the photo here. Please to be emailing your entries to no later than noon EST on Friday, May 15. As usual, multiple entries are encouraged, creativity is cherished and humor usually wins.

Yes, "wins"; it's a contest, and in true Puck Daddy tradition we have only the most sought-after rewards for our readers. Which is another way of saying that the winner gets this spiffy Cam Neely tribute "Sea Bass" T-shirt from our friends at Orland Kurtenblog and the Kurtentees Store.

(Better prizes for our Stanley Cup finals contest. Oh, it's a good one.)

Coming up, the first batch of Gloating Bruins Fan Contest entries. And hey, if you're out there GBF, hit us on email to say hey. And not just because we want to find out where your Bobby Orr shirt came from.

And here ... we ... go.

See, this is what we expected, from Clay B.: Towel twirling as Bill Buckner muffs the grounder in 1986 to send Ray Knight home.

And this, from Puck Buddy "eruff," as Gloating Bruins Fan celebrates wildly even as the New York Football Giants score a touchdown in their win against the Pats in Super Bowl XLII.

And even this, as Tom Brady writhes in pain while, off in the distance, Bruins fan just can't contain his mocking tongue. Maybe he's a Matt Cassel guy. (Thanks to Brad for the image.)

So yeah, everything was going as planned ... until this happened.

Ripple puts Gloating Bruins Fan into "Snakes on a Plane," terrorizing that poor, poor woman as she flees with her baby. "THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD WITH THESE %$#^% BRUINS FANS ON THIS $@$#@ PLANE!"

Maybe you're not a fan of "The Boondock Saints," maybe you are. Maybe you noticed GBF is floating above the bar like Slimer in "Ghostbusters," maybe you didn't. (Thanks to Jim D. for the image.

As we said, there were more than a few tributes to Boston's storied past, including about a dozen Boston Harbor-based images. Bangin Panger's take is above.

Here's Puck Buddy Lucas D. and his effort, which is really cool for its artistic integration. We have no idea what that means, but it sounded smart.

Keeping with the historical theme, this effort from Adam V. has to be one of our favorites. "I shall sign my name large enough so that King George can read it without his spectacles!" "Go Broons! Loooooooooooch!"

We have no idea how Gloating Bruins Fan made it into this church service, and without knowing the hymn we have no idea if his towel twirls even sync up with the beats. But we do know they attempted an exorcism soon after this image was captured. (Thanks to contest veteran Sobcheck for the effort.)

And finally ...

What better way to end this gallery than with a kiss? (Thanks again to Sobcheck, who knows that the Chinaman is not the issue here.)

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