Bylsma brings lucky burrito to Detroit, Pens prepare for parade

Listen, Detroit Red Wings: It's been a great run.

Spectacular, even. No regrets, no remorse, and you've got those spiffy rings from last year to ease the pain of losing Game 7 tonight to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Because Penguins Coach Dan Bylsma has, in his possession, his lucky pregame burrito from the Qdoba restaurant at Grant and Sixth streets near Mellon Arena. So you're pretty much screwed tonight.

Please recall earlier this week when we reported on the "Bylsma Burrito" phenomenon, in which the Pittsburgh coach consumes an Ancho Chile Pork BBQ Burrito, made with a mix of hot and mild salsa plus cheese, on Penguins game days. As Chad Brooks, the owner of that Odoba franchise, informed us last night:

"Coach Bylsma came in today and had us pack a burrito to go for him for Detroit tomorrow. Record now stands at 21-1 while following this ritual. I think we have a solid chance. To be the champ, you gotta beat the champ. That is the task in front of us and I feel good about our guys. We need a good early stop by Fleury, like in Game 7 against the Caps, and we should be good to go from there."

Well that analysis was a bonus, huh? Anyhoo, here's more on Bylsma picking up his pregame voodoo from The Pittsburgh Channel:

According to a woman at the restaurant, Bylsma stopped in sometime between 12:45 p.m. and 1 p.m. Thursday and ordered a burrito -- which was put on ice -- and then headed out the door as the team prepared to travel to Detroit.

Again: Condolences, Detroit. The magic of the Joe, the legend of the octopus, the touching (or non-touching) of postseason trophies ... all of it is trumped by that foil-wrapped, pork-filled charm in Dan Bylsma's hands.

We're sure the Penguins are thrilled to know that on the night of the biggest game of his life, their coach will be slowly digesting a day-and-a-half-old burrito purchased in another city. (Yuck.)

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