Bill Guerin: Enemy of Detroit, coincidental friend of libertarians

Normally, one would assume this photo featuring Bill Guerin of the Pittsburgh Penguins would be locker room material for the Detroit Red Wings prior to Game 7. But the fact that their roster has exactly four American players leads us to believe that, by and large, the Wings (a) are apathetic towards U.S. political discourse and (b) probably all drive Saabs.

Mondesi's House hipped us to their coverage of this humorous image:

A couple people just sent me this shot of Bill Guerin at the Rowdy BBQ on Route 51 today. Looks like he has good taste in food, because any friend of barbecue is a friend of mine.

If you're not familiar with the place, they're located in the beautiful part of Pittsburgh that is cluttered with "For Rent - Levitske Brothers" buildings. And they're pretty famous (at least to me) for some great slogans on their signs, like the one during Lent that read, "Eat our fish or go to Hell."

Stick tap to The Pensblog to initially posting this thing on Twitter. Glove tap to Billy Guerin for being a 38-year-old dude who may or may not understand the sweeping power of the Internet; either way, we all win.

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