Alternate suggestions for Winter Classic logo contest

This morning, the National Hockey League announced a contest for all fans during the upcoming Winter Classic at Wrigley Field. During the game, one player on either the Detroit Red Wings or Chicago Blackhawks will have the Reebok logo missing from their jersey. You must find that player to win prizes.

No matter where you are on New Year's Day, you will be able to participate.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones in Chicago for the league's third outdoor game, then you will be given a pair of binoculars as you enter Wrigley to spot the missing logo. 

If you'll be one of the many slumped on your couch nursing a hangover at 1 p.m. EST on January 1, then you better have a pair of binoculars of your own, a quality high-definition television or be prepared to sit extremely close to your TV in order to see which player does not have their Reebok logo.

The contest runs through the first two periods and the winners will win a trip to the Stanley Cup finals, where they'll watch a game with an NHL legend, a "private viewing" with the Stanley Cup (hopefully Kris Draper's daughter will be nowhere in sight), as well as a $1,000 shopping spree on; where you can buy your own replica Stanley Cup or one of those sweet team handbags.

Is the NHL telling me that instead of sitting back and enjoying the game, I should be more focused on seeing which player is failing to promote the RBK brand? 

We here at Puck Daddy would like to help the NHL in promoting this contest with our own ideas for what fans can attempt to find during the 2009 Winter Classic.

In addition to the Reebok logo, please find at Wrigley Field

... Steve Bartman.

... the biggest illegal curve.

... McCain/Palin sticker. "We've hidden one somewhere in Wrigley Field. Locate it before it's destroyed by hope and rainbows, and win a week snow-machining in Wasilla."

... Chris Chelios wearing his original Detroit Cougars jersey.

... a Red Wing or Blackhawk player sporting a hickey from a puck bunny.

... the first hole in the Wrigley Field ice which will subsequently lead to numerous delays.

... Bob Costas waxing poetic about Ogie Oglethorpe again.

... Gary Bettman (did anyone see him at all last year in Ralph Wilson Stadium?).

... which starting goalie has the first bead of flop-sweat thinking about the two capable backups in each organization waiting for their shot should he epically fail.

... a depressed Cubs fan "waiting ‘til next year."

... a Blackhawks fan with a sign thanking Bill Wirtz for dying.

... Elisha Cuthbert scouting "talent."

Have your own idea? Let's hear from you, the sloppy seconders of Puck Daddy.

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