#OnFriar Podcast: MLB in Quarantine – Could it Work?

Major League Baseball is trying to figure out a way to get games on the field. One recent idea leaves far more questions than answers.


Who wouldn't love to watch a Major League Baseball game right about now? Ratings would be high, players would love to get back on the field, and fans would be thrilled to have sports back in their lives.

MLB is batting around ideas for how to get the season started, with a lot of attention given to the thought of putting all the teams in quarantine in a place like Phoenix and holding games without fans. Its an interesting concept, but one that leaves an endless list of questions.

Derek an Darnay discussed the idea, how it would look, and what potential pitfalls could arise.

And is there any way of knowing how far off we are from enjoying sports again? Could sports like baseball and golf provide a blueprint for a return sooner than expected? Or is it more realistic to not expect games for quite some time? The guys share their thoughts on those questions and more.

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