New Chargers D Coach Takes Over

The former Chargers linebacker coach who was bumped up to defensive coordinator talked Wednesday about who's responsible for  putting it on the line.
Ron Rivera was the defensive coordinator for three years with the Chicago Bears before joining the Chargers last season. He's taking over a role supervising a defense that is 29th overall -- dead last -- against the pass.

"I think the players always have responsibility -- they'll tell you that as well," Rivera said at a news conference. "I mean, sometimes you can make the best call ... and, unfortunately, it's not the right call. The inverse, too: as a coach, it's your responsibility to put them in the best position, so it's twofold -- you can't put the blame on one spot or the other. "

The Chargers have a bye week, so they'll have time to work with their Rivera in his new capacity before facing Kansas City at the Q on Nov. 9.

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