National Lacrosse League Cancels Regular Season; Seals Still Hope for Playoff Chance

San Diego's NLL club could play in revamped post-season format

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep people in their homes, many sports fans are hoping to get the distraction of their games back. Professional sports leagues across North America are still waiting and trying to see how and when (or if) they'll be able to return to action.

The National Lacrosse League has already made a bold decision, canceling the remainder of the regular season. But that does not mean the box lacrosse season is gone for good.

"We're working on a number of scenarios to return to play in a post-season format, in a post-season tournament, playoffs ... whatever you want to call it. We're calling it a post-season tournament at this point because the regular season was canceled," said NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz. "Our goal is to crown a champion this year, if at all possible."

Sakiewicz says the league will not return until it is deemed safe by health professionals to do so but this news does give hope that we've not seen the last of the San Diego Seals this season. The Seals had to stop just before a game in Vancouver but their top scorer, Wes Berg, had already flown to Canada to see family. He hasn't been able to come home since so he's in quarantine at his parents' house.

"The day we were supposed to practice and everybody was flying in they started canceling flights," said Berg. "I just figured instead of being (in San Diego) in a one-bedroom apartment, being at home with some more resources and some areas to move around, I've got a home gym built in my garage and a park I can run at and stay in shape so that's my thought process through this, at least for now."

He's been staying in shape and practicing his accuracy in a local park.

There's also the fun of making those stay at home videos with his family.

But Berg really wants to play lacrosse again. The Seals started 1-5 then got Casey Jackson and Austin Staats back from injury and reeled off five wins in six games and was looking like a legitimate title contender.

"We had a tough start and it just seemed like everything was coming together," said Berg. "Getting Austin and Casey and some other pieces back where offensively we're starting to get the chemistry going and gel and stringing together that winning streak. It's tough. It kind of comes to a screeching halt when you're having fun and finding your groove but in terms of what we have to sacrifice it's just a small piece of the puzzle."

In the traditional format the Seals are a half game out of a playoff spot. In a revamped tournament it's likely they would be in. Until then Berg will keep training and playing other games.

"Ping pong. We have one of those at the office in San Diego so I hadn't played in a long time so it was fun playing there and now just playing my parents or by myself, now. Like Forrest Gump with the half ping pong table," said Berg.

We would much rather see him playing lacrosse at Pechanga Arena, hopefully in the playoffs.

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