Mamma L.T. ‘Wants What's Best'

With so many rumors flying around about the future of Chargers star LaDainian Tomlinson, it makes you wonder what’s being said around the Tomlinson dinner table.

A radio interview with L.T.’s mom, Loreane Tomlinson, Thursday gave some insight. She spoke to XX Sports Radio 1090 AM about her concern for her son’s future.

The interview started out asking L.T.'s mom about her son's recent induction into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame but quickly turned to the future of Tomlinson with the Chargers.

“It just seems like everything is up in the air and that’s what’s so hard,” said Loreane Tomlinson.

“I can feel the turmoil within him,” she said.

Earlier this week, Tomlinson discussed his uncertain status with the Fort Worth Star Telegram. "I am optimistic [a restructure] will happen," Tomlinson told the paper. "But again, I’m realistic about certain things, and I understand, it is a business. Sometimes business decisions are made that are out of our control. But my heart wants to stay in San Diego."

When Loreane Tomlinson discusses it with her son, she said he ends up encouraging her; telling her “'I’ll be playing somewhere. It will be ok,'” she said.

“We would like to stay with whoever we started with and hopefully they want him,” LT's mom said in Thursday's interview. “With everything that happened it’s almost like a slap in the face. But I’m just a mom.”

“Tell us something,” Loreane Tomlinson said. Chargers fans would certainly agree.

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