L.T.'s Future Hangs on 4 Options

Chargers general manager A.J. Smith and his evaluators go over their entire roster each and every offseason.

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This year's evaluation, however, will take a bit longer, the North County Times reported.  Career lows in rushing yards and carries, a troublesome injury history over the last year and a massive salary cap number have changed how the Chargers view their superstar running back and his future with the team.

"We need to discuss a number of things," Smith told the North County Times this week. "There are four options out there. Does he stay? Does he not stay? Is there a trade? Is there a reduction of contract? All of those things must be discussed. We need to evaluate and discuss all of our players, but (everyone's) focus is on L.T. and I understand that because he is a marquee player."

For the full story read the North County Times article "Future is Now for L.T."

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